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Pictures From the 2016 Arnold Classic in Columbus Ohio

I had a great time at the Arnold Classic in Columbus Ohio last March. It was great to see all the fans and supporters come out and have fun with me and the rest of the SAN Team. We hung out, talked fitness, had some laughs and spent the day enjoying our passion.. Fitness! I


It’s raining like crazy here in Vegas today! The weatherman says it’s going to keep raining too! I live in the desert and it’s raining like mad! If you couldn’t figure it out, I am no fan of the rain.. Not in slightest. Well maybe the slightest, if it’s night, late, and I’m sleeping I

Saturday and Sunday 

SATURDAY ​Saturday I crushed back with my man Joe! I like to call him the Joe “The Farmer”!! He is crazy strong and it was amazing to see him work so hard.. That guy is amazing in the gym. A real monster! He came as a guest with me at O2 Fitness and I think


I hit Back hard.. Woke to cold weather… Very cold for me. I don’t like anything under 70 but to give you an idea it was under 30. Way too cold. Still need to train, and only one way to get there. Motorcycle baby! Bundled up I was off on the few mile drive to

Thursday – Friday 

I have been putting off cardio a little too much. It’s time to bring it back and bring it back strong! I can’t get too heavy and cardio is going to help keep me lean!  I wasn’t feeling the strongest as the day continued. I got up, took a little Fierce Domination.. Went to the


This is the second week of me training arms and shoulders on Wednesday. I used to take it off, but now I train! I love it! It is a priority shoulder day, but I also hit Triceps and touch on Biceps. ​Lance and I went hard in the gym. It’s fun to hit ams. It’s one

Thursday – Crushing Legs 

Woke up and crushed cardio! People complain about cardio all the time, but I like it. I like the time spent alone thinking about my goals and my day. The walk is also beautiful: it really is kind of hard to not like the cardio loop.  I have made a small change to my program

Wednesday – No longer a rest day  

Woke up and hit cardio hard.. I was a little upset after making my BCAA shake. I realized that yesterday I left a funnel container full of SAN BCAA PRO5000 in the gym! Whoever found that is going to making some serious gains. Oh well.. Good for them! Can’t focus on that; time to crush

Tuesday – Back Day

I have been crushing cardio and smashing weights.. The only problem is that I have been in half a dozen gyms over the last couple weeks. I can’t say that I don’t like it. I really enjoy seeing new gyms and using different equipment. Eventually I have to find one and stick with it. Today