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Rest Day.. Or.. No Rest DAY!?

It’s still raining here in Vegas and some of the roads are flooded out.. It’s kinda crazy.. It will rain really hard in one place, you will drive 5 miles away and it will be super sunny. Then it will start to sprinkle a little, pour down rain for awhile, and then nice and sunny


It’s raining like crazy here in Vegas today! The weatherman says it’s going to keep raining too! I live in the desert and it’s raining like mad! If you couldn’t figure it out, I am no fan of the rain.. Not in slightest. Well maybe the slightest, if it’s night, late, and I’m sleeping I

Crushing back and Having Fun

Two solid days off from the gym and I feel good! Lance and I are fueling up and getting ready to hit back! Rest days are the hardest days but sometimes they are the most important thing for growth.. You can’t go ham all the time, you need to be able to lay off and

Big Day Today!

Big day for Lance and I. We were up pretty early and busy with stuff for For the last six months or so we have been working day and night to make sure that everyone and all of you have the best spot available. We really want everyone to have the best information, the

Red Rock Canyon Hike

The last few days have been action packed! I have been all over the place and getting tons of work done. Unfortunately I have been having some major problems with my internet connection and I think I can only get it to work for about an hour each day.. Talk about frustrating! I’m excited now


Beat up man! I trained twice today. Once in the morning with D. We hit 8 exercises for back and focused on my form like crazy. I came back in the evening just to touch on Biceps, and that went crazy good. I am tired now though and I need some rest. My left elbow

triceps + anterior/lateral delts

-November 27 training Triceps and Delts with Ant Whitfield.Off-Season beast mode training to get ready for the 2014 competition season!Started with Triceps:-Over-Head EZ Curl Bar 2 Sets (Not Shown) -Straight Bar Cable Extension 5 Sets-Rope Extension 1 Sets (Not Shown)-Skull Crushers 2 Sets (Not Shown)-Reverse Grip Single D-Grip Extension 2 Sets (Not Shown) Delts:-Over-Head Straight

I want everyone…

I spend a lot of time on It was the first place I started posting my progress and it was where I bought everything. Somethings have changes – the amount of support I have, and where my supplements come from. The best is the response I get from posts and questions. I want to

Consistent Thinking 

Mood is a big factor with our day, it can be responsible for the way we perceive situations. Starting with the smartest most reasonable man in the world, to upset or even angry over slight things. Whatever the world around you, thinking like a bodybuilder is the mood you always need to keep deep inside.