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THURSDAY  ​ Took the day off from the gym. I had a ton of stuff to get done and it was time for a rest. I really have a ton of stuff to do everyday… But when I have a rest day from the gym I really like to get stuff done. Also on a

Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday I came into the gym with an attitude. I had a plan to attack back and it was on. Before leaving my house I took a couple servings of Fierce Domination, filled my shaker with ice and headed out the door. In my gym bad I come prepared with V-MODA headphones, a shaker bottle


Cardio went by fast and I was having fun during it. The sun was very bright and there were tons of people around the lake. Sometimes I don’t want anyone else out there with me, but today it was nice to see so many people. It gave me energy today I think.. Also on a


Friday was a solid day for me. The morning started strong and I was out of bed with energy and passion. I wanted to get going and to do a good job with my nutrition and morning regimen. I have Legs planned toady and they are no joke! Every bit of energy is going to


  Relaxed for the day. I would love to say that I sat around and ate.. But I did not. I just relaxed and thought about eating delicious food. The good news was the I has an appointment with Joe at All Sport Muscle Therapy  I beat against back for awhile this evening. I had

July 19 

Been hitting the weights hard for 8 months! (Since Nationals) A long and productive Off Season. I have had an amazing support team around me and the results are real.. But now I am excited to come into a prep with SAN Nutrition and All Sport Muscle Therapy behind me. It’s gonna be FUN! This

tuesday june 23

Crushed my workout today using SAN Nutrition MEGATRON pre workout. No stimulants so I can rest tonight! I had a ton of work done at All Sport Muscle Therapy today with Bob and Joe. The difference was real in the gym. Joe prepped my lats for training and later on Bob loosened up my chest/anterior


I had plans to train today.. But the gym closed at 2pm. That was a little too early for me today, I had a long night cooking my meals and I didn’t want to rush anything in the gym today.. Also my nutrition has not been where it should be… I keep thinking about Randy..


Over the years I have been tweaking and refining the nutrition and supplementation surrounding my workouts. It can be a very tricky thing.. New research, conflicting ideas, personal opinions and then how it all applies to you.  Where I am now is Creatine/Sugar/Fiber 1-2 hours pre-workout. Then thirty minutes or so before my workout I have a