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Training Hard and Making Progress

  Monday is most times a Chest workout.. Depending on who you talk to. It’s been that way for a long, long time. Monday is international Chest day, and sometimes it’s the same for us. Really just depends on how our split falls, sometimes Chest falls on a Monday, it can really be any day

Rest Day.. Or.. No Rest DAY!?

It’s still raining here in Vegas and some of the roads are flooded out.. It’s kinda crazy.. It will rain really hard in one place, you will drive 5 miles away and it will be super sunny. Then it will start to sprinkle a little, pour down rain for awhile, and then nice and sunny

Crushing back and Having Fun

Two solid days off from the gym and I feel good! Lance and I are fueling up and getting ready to hit back! Rest days are the hardest days but sometimes they are the most important thing for growth.. You can’t go ham all the time, you need to be able to lay off and

Big Day Today!

Big day for Lance and I. We were up pretty early and busy with stuff for For the last six months or so we have been working day and night to make sure that everyone and all of you have the best spot available. We really want everyone to have the best information, the


Today was  great workout day!   I started my day with milk, tons and tons of milk, a little chicken, and a big bowl of pasta. I ran out of my SAN Titanium Isolate protein powder.. That is usually my go to in the morning but I am out! I thought I timed it right

Thursday – Leg Day – Thanksgiving Day

Wake up and do cardio! That is the way of life.. You must wake up and do your cardio first thing. No messing around, no macing breakfast, no looking at the computer, you must go outside and do your cardio! It’s a big deal peoples. Well, that’s what I m going with. I do it


 Saturday I hit cardio like a champion! Woke up0 and went downstairs. Put together some BCAA PRO5000 in a shaker, walked out the door. Few miles later, I was home again making a SAN Carb and creatine shake. At this point in my life, I feel like I am 25% SAN lol This company had


Saturday is a new day to my off season program. It is now my second shoulder and arm day for the week. My only day off is Sunday.. I’ll see how it goes. So far I still have enough energy to crush everything.  Arm day is always fun. It’s easy for me to get in


Back the normal grind. Woke up for cardio, put together BCAA PRO5000 in a shaker and headed for the lake.. The lake has been my cardio loop for a few years and I have really like it. I can knock out the 4ish miles quickly and it has just enough elevation to make it challenging..