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How Macronutrients Build Muscle

Each macronutrient plays an important role in building muscle. Believe it or not, making gains during training is about more than just how much you can lift. Your diet actually plays a huge role in building muscle, and you need to include all three macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fat) in your diet if you want

Common Physique Competition Training Mistakes Part 3

Don’t let the common fitness competition training mistakes happen to you! Regardless of how well-versed you are in the ways of physical fitness, you should know that training for a physique competition is unlike any other form of training. That is why first-time competitors often make mistakes that end up costing them competitions. Check out

Common Physique Competition Training Mistakes Part 2

It’s all too easy to make beginner’s mistakes when you are training for your first fitness competition. You may know how to trim your fat and amp up your muscles on your own, but training for a fitness competition isn’t anything like regular training. Competition training has a whole new set of rules, and that’s

Common Physique Competition Training Mistakes

There are many mistakes beginners make when training for their first fitness competitions. Whether you are competing because you want to win or you just want to experience the process, you need to know how to avoid common training mistakes that many beginners make. However, in order for you to avoid those mistakes, you need

Pictures From the 2016 Arnold Classic in Columbus Ohio

I had a great time at the Arnold Classic in Columbus Ohio last March. It was great to see all the fans and supporters come out and have fun with me and the rest of the SAN Team. We hung out, talked fitness, had some laughs and spent the day enjoying our passion.. Fitness! I

Training Hard and Making Progress

  Monday is most times a Chest workout.. Depending on who you talk to. It’s been that way for a long, long time. Monday is international Chest day, and sometimes it’s the same for us. Really just depends on how our split falls, sometimes Chest falls on a Monday, it can really be any day


Monday was good, well kinda. The workout was good. Lance and I trained chest hard and the pump was fun… but the weather was terrible. It was snowy and icy, just a terrible day for commuting. Tuesday I had electricians in the house doing stuff.. It was a rest day anyhow, but it would have


BACK DAY! Like a boss we crushed it! .. Well, it started off slow.. Built it up, and then we were hitting it hard! Back day is always one of the toughest days; but it’s one of the best feelings to crush back.

Thursday – Friday – Saturday

I am on a new split.. Two days on and one day off. It still comes out to about 5 times a week or so but spaces out the rest as best I really can. I will be laying on the heat soon, very soon.. For right now I like this. I will ramp it