It’s raining like crazy here in Vegas today! The weatherman says it’s going to keep raining too! I live in the desert and it’s raining like mad! If you couldn’t figure it out, I am no fan of the rain.. Not in slightest. Well maybe the slightest, if it’s night, late, and I’m sleeping I can handle a little rain. The noise of the storms helps me sleep. But if I am up and moving around, I do not want rain, cold, or anything like that. I use a motorcycle to get around pretty much everywhere so you can see now, if it rain, I am kinda grounded.

4-9-16 rain

When it rains I am lucky enough to have LANCE! He drives a beautiful, fast BMW that I am happy to sit in on the way to the gym and anywhere else we might need to go. That thing is beautiful! Today was gonna be one of those days. Around 3PM we got into the beautiful blue machine and rolled over to the LVAC to crush some weights and destroy chest!


We did just that today, crushed chest like we are suppose to. We came in, warmed up with cable flies. Moved onto some presses for a while, came back to the flies and did a little ZMF moves that we have been working on.. It was awesome! We didn’t go at it for hours and hours, most times you don’t need to. Today about an hour and a half was all we needed to get the job done.

4-9-16 fly together 4-9-16 fly

4-9-16 press 4-9-16 single fly 4 4-9-16 single fly 4-9-16 single fly1 4-9-16 us 4-9-16 walk 4-9-16 walking 2
Tomorrow is a rest day for us.. We will still come in and destroy ABS. Counts as a rest day for us! On the early morning I will take a trip to Costco and stock up on meats and other good stuff!


4-9-16 post selfie