Two solid days off from the gym and I feel good! Lance and I are fueling up and getting ready to hit back! Rest days are the hardest days but sometimes they are the most important thing for growth.. You can’t go ham all the time, you need to be able to lay off and let the body recover. That’s how you get big!


Wednesday we spent the day with friends and relaxing by the pool eating chicken, steaks, salmon, sausages, watermelon and more! It was fun and delicious.. Something about the sun and protein loading gets me tired! I was out like a light after that 🙂

4-6-16 bbq

Thursday was the second rest day in a row for us.. We spent the day around the house and working on for a long time. I really love working on stuff for my members and the monster team. I try to put as much detail into the workouts, the nutrition and the supplementation guide as possible. I don’t ever want to hold anything back from my Monster Team. It’s all about my guys and gals seeing results

4-7-16 working

We came into the gym today and crushed back! For today we only hit our lat, or wings! I love then you get those lats to pop. It’s such a good look.. Today we hit it hard, so hard! We tried a few different things today and the results were fantastic. There is something special about a workout that comes together and today we did just that. It all came together perfectly and I can’t wait for chest day tomorrow to do it again.


4-8-16 back