It’s still raining here in Vegas and some of the roads are flooded out.. It’s kinda crazy.. It will rain really hard in one place, you will drive 5 miles away and it will be super sunny. Then it will start to sprinkle a little, pour down rain for awhile, and then nice and sunny again.. I miss the sun. I know in a week it will be 100 degrees so maybe I should enjoy the cooler weather and the rain while I can.. It gets so dry here at times it’s just as ridiculous as the rain.


I spend about an hour this morning at Costco shopping for meat and other good stuff, I might have bought a little more junk food than I would like to admit.. But it is the off-season so I can get away with it a little bit! I need to gain some weight! I am tired of being a little guy, I wanna be one of the big dogs in the gym.. One way I will do that is with fruit roll ups! I also got a bunch of natural peanut butter, paper stuff, and water.. Tons of water.


Today we will be hitting abs in the gym.. Might touch on arms, we will see though! Time to get ready and see how it goes once we get the pre workout in us. Tomorrow is Legs, and then Arms.. So instead of full arms, we might knock out one of them today and then leave shoulders and one arm muscle for the real arm day.

We crushed arms and abs! Had tons of fun and the pump was real.. Abs are something that I want to bring to the next level and what we did today was a great start!


4-11-16 selfie