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Avatar for dsbonne asked 3 years ago

What’s your take on the most functional muscle group for real life activity. Shoulders maybe? Core?

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Staff answered 3 years ago

Honestly, if I have to choose one muscle group; I would want you to train legs. Many people don’t work their legs and this is a huge mistake for building a healthy and functional physique. Quads, Hamstring, Glutes and Claves are a very crucial muscle group that you can continuously improve upon and improve, you’re going to want to build up your legs. They are the foundation of pretty much your entire body and you need them for everything every day. They make up the biggest muscle group in your body. They are responsible for the majority of your metabolism and anyone who wants to be fit, lean and strong can appreciate that. You stand on them, walk with them, run with them, and need them to lift almost anything.   They also help with your cardiovascular health. Strong working legs will pump fresh blood throughout your body, bringing new nutrients throughout your lower and upper body, helping to remove waste. Pumping legs will also help with your heart, beating and moving all that blood will help with your resting heart rate and stamina. Another benefit from working legs consistently is that they will help produce and release those hormones that our bodies desperately need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.. We are talking testosterone and HGH, the recovery and youth hormones. Also keep in mind that the strength of your legs support the knee joints. Your knees floats as a joint and as the leg muscles that support and hold those joints improve in strength and flexibility.. SO will your knees. (Of course assuming you are training legs properly and safely – that’s where we come in.) The joints themselves will become stronger and and work more efficiently.. There isn’t another set-up quite like it in your body. Besides those benefits there is an old saying, “Work the Legs and watch your Chest GROW!” There is a lot of truth behind that age old saying, but it doesn’t stop there. This list could easily be lengthened and I could talk about my love of leg training all day.. Strong legs build the foundation of a healthy body. With them, your balance, overall strength, and quality of life will be improved!