Monday is most times a Chest workout.. Depending on who you talk to. It’s been that way for a long, long time. Monday is international Chest day, and sometimes it’s the same for us. Really just depends on how our split falls, sometimes Chest falls on a Monday, it can really be any day at all depending on how our splits falls. We train two days on, one off, two days on, one off.. Today however is LEGS! The hardest day there is. Also one of the best workout days of the week. It takes a ton of effort, but the gratification after an annihilating workout is one of the best feelings there is!

4-13-16 no rain

Heading into the gym, the rain is gone and we are ready to crush weights! Started with a warm up on the treadmill for about ten minutes and then we were into it.. Started on the Leg Extension and kept warming up.. Adding more and more weight, until it was heavy and hard! We were starting to come to life.

4-13-16 leg vertical 4-13-16 vertical

Went through a bunch of pressing movements and started to fatigue a little.. We kept it going though, we kept driving and we kept pumping.. More and more reps, more and more weight.

4-13-16 legs hard 4-13-17 leggs

Moved onto hamstrings and went hard again! Leg day was becoming legendary and we were feeling the results of that style of training.. Pain, the best kind of pain!

4-13-16 calves 4-13-16 flex

After leg day we arrived back at the house and made our post workout protein shakes. I like to add natural peanut butter, a little honey and Nesquick to mine right now.. It is my offseason! I sat on the couch, finished my protein shake quickly. Then, I was out! I fell asleep for a few hours right there in all my gym clothes and my shoes still on. That Leg workout took everything out of me, I was exhausted and happy.. Love a big workout!


Woke up from my nap.. A nap that lasted a few hours. Got up and had another meal.. Got some work done for a bit, cooked a steak and then I was back in bed. Tomorrow is Arm day and I want to put in as much effort as I can.

We crushed arms! Started with shoulders and went crazy on presses and lateral raises. The burn was intense.. Have you ever crushed shoulders so much that when you come up off the set it’s still feels like you are under the weights? It just stings and stings and you don’t know what to do with your arms!? Lansce and I were leaning on things, shaking out our arms and trying to get that feeling to subside.. But as soon as it would go down a little, we were back under the weights!

4-13-16 shoulders

After Delts we turned our attention to Triceps. We were pretty beat by that time and we focused on just a few movements but it was awesome.. The pump came quickly and we were trying real hard to milk out the negative stretch as much as we could.. It was painful to say the least but we did a great job. I was so pumped I could barely move my arms.


4-13-16 arms